Doors not only connect the entrance to the interior space of the house, but also show the owner’s personality. We bring durable products, timeless design with the highest safety standards, perfect sound and heat insulation, adapting to all weather conditions, bringing elegance and sophistication to your home. whole house.

2-wing doors are suitable for houses with large facades, symmetrical facades or doors to large rooms.

Outstanding advantages

High Quality

The door systems of VIC are used Schüco aluminum door system which meets the world's leading quality standards.

Outstanding safety

Prevent outside intrusions with high anti-theft standards, providing outstanding security for the home.


Sound insulation - good insulation, high air tightness - watertight, minimize the impact of noise from the outside environment and maximize the energy inside the house.


Minimalist and elegant design. The thin aluminum rim allows the glass to be maximized, but ensures certainty, helping to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your living space.


Smooth, gentle operation without using much effort. Products with high durability to limit maintenance and maintenance, helping to operate stably for a long time


Technical information

ADS 50 ni

Technical information

ADS 50

Technical information

ADS 65 ni

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VIC is pleased to bring to customers a comprehensive, world-class solution for high-end aluminum doors with the highest quality and aesthetics.